Wrongful Death?

It’s bad enough to be hurt through the carelessness of others.  It’s downright tragic to have a loved one die due to the careless acts of someone else.  Not only is a family forever deprived of the deceased’s love and affection but, most importantly, an innocent person’s dreams, future, and potential are destroyed in an instant.  No one should have to deal with such loss without proper legal counsel.

When your loved one unexpectedly dies due to the careless acts of someone else it is extremely important for the family to get the best legal advice they can.  Not only do bills pile up quickly but the law allows compensation for the loss of the deceased.  Without a powerful advocate to fully represent the family of the deceased, family members can find themselves overwhelmed in a hurry.

Mr. Roughton is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (919) 908-0230 to discuss your loved one’s passing.  Everything Mr. Roughton discusses with you will be kept completely confidential.