Can’t I handle the ticket on my own?

Lawyers cost money.  Even someone who has a public defender can end up having to pay money for the public defender’s legal fees at the end of their case.  Many people think it may be better just to go to court themselves and handle their case alone.

This would be a mistake.  While handling your matter yourself may save you from having to pay for a lawyer, it very well may cost you more money down the road.  Traffic tickets carry with them insurance points.  The more points you have the more expensive your car insurance will be.  (See the insurance points chart on this website to see how expensive your car insurance is the more points you get.)

Also, if you choose to handle your matter yourself you have to miss work to sit around a courtroom all day waiting for the prosecutor to get to your case.

Most importantly, unless you know the law as well as the prosecutor you won’t be able to get the best deal or a possible dismissal of your case.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you in your traffic case solves all these problems.  Not only does Mr. Roughton know what outcomes save you most insurance points and can possibly save you from having to come to court, he knows the law behind your case.  He can negotiate a favorable result with the prosecutor and, if necessary, take the case to trial.

Mr. Roughton would be more than happy to speak with you any day, night, weekend, or holiday about your traffic charges.  His office number is (919) 908-0230.