Trucking Accident?

Accidents caused by trucks lead to the most devastating injuries.  Unlike cars, trucks are much heavier, take longer to stop for traffic, and have large blind spots that keep their driver from seeing all the cars around them.

If you were a driver hit by a truck chances are you know what this is like.  You have medical bills piling up, can’t work, and have no where to turn to fight the insurance company.  The insurance companies for the trucking companies certainly know this.  They know they have to fight hard to keep from paying fair compensation.

In order to receive just and fair compensation for your trucking injury you need a dedicated truck accident lawyer in Durham, NC to defend your interests.

Mr. Roughton has over six years of experience defending the insurance companies.  Mr. Roughton knows what they’re thinking.  He has the experience necessary to take a case to trial against the trucking companies to make sure you get full compensation for the injuries they caused.

Mr. Roughton is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (919) 908-0230 to discuss you or your loved one’s trucking accident injury.  Everything Mr. Roughton discusses with you will be kept completely confidential.