Former North Carolina DWI Prosecutor


KCP_LucienAttny-6As a former Durham and Orange County DWI prosecutor Mr. Roughton prosecuted hundreds of DWIs.  Because of this unmatched experience he has invaluable inside knowledge of the DWI laws, the things law enforcement like to do, don’t do, and must do in order to convict you, and, most importantly, what defenses there are to your DWI charge.

Mr. Roughton is guided by the simple principle of doing what is best for the client – not what is easiest for me, the district attorney, or law enforcement.  He will leave no stone unturned to attack and defeat your charges.  And he never gives up.

There’s nothing wrong with making the prosecutor and police prove their case to a jury.  There are serious consequences to criminal charges.   If the police are going to charge you with a crime and the prosecutor is going to put you in prison, the least they can do is prove their case in court.

But here’s the thing: most lawyers never make the prosecutor and the police prove their case against you in court to a jury.  They never even scratch the surface.

Fines, jail times, community service, loss of license, loss of job, and even prison are all possible consequences of conviction.  If you’re at risk, you need the strongest possible defense lawyer to protect you.

Mr. Roughton would be more than happy to speak with you any day, night, weekend, or holiday about your DWI charges.  His office number is (919) 908-0230.