Can I erase my conviction?

A criminal conviction makes it hard to get a job, apply for benefits, own a gun, vote, and do a lot of other things.

Luckily, in certain circumstances you can actually get your conviction completely taken off your criminal record so no one will ever know you were convicted.  Not potential employers, investigators, or anyone.  It’s as if it never happened.

Not everyone qualifies, however.  There are very specific legal requirements that must be met before a judge can take a conviction off someone’s record.

Even if you don’t qualify to have your conviction completely erased from your record there are other legal things that can be done in court to help you get a job and do other things your conviction won’t let you do right now.  Once again not everyone qualifies for this.

If you have questions about whether you may qualify to have your conviction erased from your record don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Roughton.  His office number is (919) 908-0230.