Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I just pay my ticket online so I don’t have to go to court?

If you just pay your ticket online you are automatically pleading guilty to the charge on your ticket.  Your insurance company then raises your insurance rates according to that conviction.  On the other hand, if you hire a lawyer that lawyer can get your ticket reduced and potentially save you hundreds of dollars in car insurance payments.

But I have a terrible driving record!

Just because you may have a “bad” driving record does not mean you don’t quality for some sort of reduction in your charge.  As a former traffic prosecutor Mr. Roughton handled traffic tickets from people with all kinds of driving records – from great to terrible – and know the best options for every situation.

But the police officer wrote my ticket for a speed lower than the speed I was going!

Just because the police officer cut you a break and decided to charge you with a speed lower than what you were actually going doesn’t mean you can’t get a further reduction in your charge.  As your lawyer Mr. Roughton will work to get you a better outcome than what the officer gave you.

But it wasn’t my car I was driving!

Unfortunately you can still be convicted of a traffic offense like speeding or no insurance or expired registration even if you were driving someone else’s car.  You may still have potential defenses to your charges, however.

Do I need to show up to court even if I have a lawyer?

Depending on your charge you may or may not need to appear in court on your court date.  As your lawyer Mr. Roughton will let you know if and when you need to be in court so you only have to miss work or rearrange your schedule if absolutely necessary.

What’s a PJC?

A PJC is a prayer for judgment.  As a traffic prosecutor Mr. Roughton used to see people come into court all the time and request a PJC on their case regardless of the charge.  A PJC is really only the best option in certain situations.  And since you can only get a very limited number of them you should only request them as a last resort.

What will I end up having to pay on my ticket?

What you end of having to pay on your ticket depends on the charge you ultimately plead to.  However, everyone who’s convicted of a traffic charge has to pay court costs and usually a fine.  Court costs run around $180 depending on your charge.  The amount of the fine depends on what your lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor.

Will I be able to pay my ticket in installments?

Yes.  You can pay your ticket in installment payments.  As your lawyer Mr. Roughton will make sure you have all the time you need to pay off your ticket.

Will the DA just dismiss my ticket when the police officer doesn’t show up to court?

Unfortunately the prosecutor doesn’t just dismiss a ticket because the officer isn’t in court.  Police officers only come to court when they’re called by the prosecutor to come in on your case.

But I wasn’t charged with speeding!  Is it still possible to get a reduction in my traffic charge?

Yes.  Speeding charges are not the only charges that can be reduced.  Practically every charge can be reduced in some way.  As your lawyer Mr. Roughton can advise you on what possible reductions in your charges may exist.

I was charged with Driving While License Revoked.  What’s this?

The offense of Driving While License Revoked is a serious charge and can result in up to 120 days in jail if not handled correctly.  The charge means that the police officer ran your driving record and thinks that your driver’s license is suspended for some reason.  There are many reasons a person’s license could be suspended.  Many people don’t even know that their license is revoked or why.  Without a lawyer to help you clear up the things suspending your license it will be very difficult for you to ever drive legally.

Can I get jail time for my ticket?

Believe it or not, while not likely, a judge can sentence a person to jail for a traffic ticket in certain situations.

Is there anyway for me to drive legally even though my driver’s license is suspended?

Yes.  There are ways to allow someone with a suspended driver’s license to drive legally.  As your lawyer Mr. Roughton can work to get you the right to drive legally even though you have a suspended license.