What will happen in court?

Court can be a confusing place.  Which courtroom do I go to to handle my case?  Who do I talk to?  Am I going to have to talk to the judge?

With a lawyer representing you all your questions will be answered before you ever set foot inside a courthouse.

Even if you’ve already been to court on your case it’s not too late to hire a lawyer.  The sooner you contact a lawyer the better your chances are of beating your case.

If you were given a ticket by the police officer then you probably have a court date and time written on that ticket telling you when and where you need to be in court to handle your ticket.  Your first time going to court is called your “first appearance.”  At your first appearance you will probably have to stand before a judge in court.  The judge will explain your charges and ask you what you want to do about getting a lawyer.

It will be at this point you can apply for a public defender or tell the judge you’ll be hiring your own private lawyer.  If you’ve already hired Mr. Roughton by this point he’ll be there with you in court to tell the judge he’ll be your lawyer.  Your case then will be rescheduled to a new court date usually 30 days out.

From then on your case will be in court about once a month.  Mr. Roughton will be in court for you on each court date.  He’ll let you before each court date whether you’ll need to appear in court on those dates.  Before each court date he’ll discuss with you what you can expect to happen in court that day.  

If you have questions about your upcoming court appearance Mr. Roughton might be able to help you.  Mr. Roughton is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to discuss your criminal, traffic, or DWI charges.  His office number is (919) 908-0230.